I think there are two issues here. First, how do you allow borrowing/derivative works while also preserving the integrity of the original work? Under CC you can specify the manner in which attribution is made. You can specify that they link to your site (which is all I care about anyway). My website (a collection of tasteful erotica stories) specifies:

You can create derivative works (commercial or noncommercial) inspired by this project. However, if you do, you must say, “This work is based on 99 Erotic Notions, whose website is located at this web address.” If you are just reposting/distributing the story without any modifications, you do not need to say this.

Second issue is when it makes sense to complain about unauthorized use. Most bloggers repost without realizing that it’s not in keeping with the writer’s intent. Individuals are not the problem; it’s content republishers who do so. On the other hand, if they just republish the text verbatim, chances are it will also include attribution information too.

It’s especially pointless to speak about derivative works with regard to poetry. In prose it’s a lot easy to establish this; for example, another person could use the same character or setting or plot device.