Curt – Oh good, a strong reaction! Good to hear from a professional journalist.

I like your poems a lot. And the translation from Lorca, too.

quiet regular – That’s cool. I guess I know who you’re talking about; I hope to make his acquaintance soon. Very different advice from Borges’ famous admonition: “Read a lot, write a lot, and don’t rush into print.” That was my attitude too, once — but then I started blogging. Now I am much more of your professor friend’s opinion. For a blogger, it’s a big deal to sit on a post overnight, even. We get our stuff out, all right.

Sending stuff off to magazines is good discipline, but it gets tiring after a while – especially since so few editors have the time to offer comments or critiques. Then, if it’s a print journal, and they actually publish something, one has to endure the acute discomfort of seeing an earlier version of one’s work in print (at least for those of us who are compulsive re-writers) and not be able to go back in change it the way one can with an online publication.

Tumblewords – Thanks for commenting. Glad to hear some of this jibes with your own experience.