1. Stinginess is a good way of putting it. Reminds me of the story about Jacob stealing the patriarchal blessing from Esau, which always made me wonder: why the hell couldn’t Isaac have blessed *both* of them?! Scarcity thinking is obviously deeply engrained in our culture.

2. Yeah, I do give Gates credit for his foundation work. And I must admit I use Windows on a PC – in part because I dislike Steve Jobs even more than Bill Gates, and in part because I’m too chickenshit to go Linux.

3. Well, if you do decide to go that route, I think the share alike, i.e. copyleft, provision is important, too. Contrary to what a couple of the commenters in this thread have suggested, that doesn’t mean you can never publish your poems in a conventionally copyrighted book, because at the end of the day you still hold the copyright and can do what you want. All the CC licensing does is say that folks can use your works in the manner you specify without having to worry about prosecution. And the Share Alike bit means that they can’t copyright a derivitive work without contacting you first.

4. I was wrong about the clearwinged moth, as you’ll recall.

Thanks for commenting.