Dave and commenters, this is a very interesting and relevant discussion. From the standpoint of one who earns one’s living as a professional artist/writer/cartoonist, the issue of copyright (as someone above said) is a practical one as well as a ‘craft’ one: if you’ve spent your life learning your trade and practicing your craft and never let a work out of the house until you’ve polished it and tweaked it until it expresses to the best of your ability whatever it is you aimed to express, then you’re not going to look kindly on anyone who wants to mess about with it and change it perhaps beyond recognition. Working collaboratively is fine, as long as you agree from the start that a work is going to be collaborative, as in “exquisite corpse” or any other joint creative project. This isn’t a question of ego but of what one is trying to do in any particular art. We wouldn’t know what any work of poetry, literature, music, painting or sculpture originally looked like if everybody throughout history had been allowed to change them however and whenever they wished – remixed Shakespeare? Bach? Giotto? Van Gogh? Dylan Thomas? etc. The bloggers’ world is a new creative phenomenon and I’m all for the sharing/interacting that it allows and encourages and issues of copyright within this world are just as you’ve described. Some grey areas will need to be clarified in future, for instance: is a poem or short story or painting posted on a blog different from the same thing published in a book or exhibited in a gallery? Would I agree to visitors at an exhibition of my work to daub their own ideas over it? Or if you were giving a reading, would you want someone to interrupt your verses to add their own words? H’m.