Dave – I thought the fishing lures were actually rather a fun thing! And yes, I’m becoming a “total hard-ass” when it comes to institutions and publishers who can and should pay for images. As an artist, I’ve come to feel that it’s not right to “give away” images as it makes it hard for other artists and photographers to sell their work as well. As you’ve mentioned, I have put a lot into building up my image collection (expertise, time, travel, being in the right place at the right time). That’s especially true of most nature photographers as you can just pull images out of thin air. Then there’s the investment in camera gear and computers, storage drives, etc… and for artists, it’s canvases, paints, and so on. Artists have to eat, pay for a roof over their heads, and cover their other living expenses. It’s not like these things are given to artists for free just because no one wants to pay their for their work. It really bugs me that it’s like pulling teeth to get paid for images. I can’t imagine someone calling a lawyer or accountant and expecting to get them to do something for free. What is it about artists that makes people think they can live on nothing? I suppose the most irksome thing is, that when it really comes down to it, some of the most memorable things about our world are words, music, images, sculpture, and are created by artists. We all place a high value on these creations – we want to read, see, listen to these works – but many times, we are reluctant to toss a coin in the hat. Kinda pathetic.